Requirements for Design Application

name of the article to which the design is applied

brief description of the article
(preferably, information on its materials and use)
3. drawings or photographs of 6 elevational views and 1 perspective view of the article
(The 6 elevational views must include the front, rear, top plan, bottom, right side, and left side views. A cross-sectional view, a use-explaining view, or a motion-explaining view in the case of a motion design may be preferably submitted.)

power of attorney
(Neither legalization nor notarization is required)

full identification of the creator(s) and the applicant(s)
(in the case of a legal entity, its name, address, nationality and representative)
6. identification of the home application, if a priority is claimed

certified copy of priority document to be filed within 3 months from the Korean filing date.