Expedited Examination on Patent Applications

Pursuant to Article 61 of the Korean Patent Act, the Commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office may direct the examiner to examine an application in a particular category ahead of and in preference of other patent applications if the application is related to:

a. an invention which has been commercially and industrially worked in Korea by a person, other than the applicant, after the application has been laid-open;
b. an invention for the national defense industry of Korea;
c. an invention useful for the prevention of environmental pollution;
d. an invention directly related to the furtherance of export;
e. an invention by an employee of the Korean government, whether central or local;

an invention by a company which has been designated as a venture company according to Article 25 of the Special Treatment Act relating to the Promotion of Venture Companies;

an invention concerning final products of new technology development support business executed under related laws of Korea, or of quality certification business of Korea;

an invention of which the application has been filed in any foreign Patent Office(s) while claiming a priority under a treaty such as the Paris Convention and the PCT;

an invention which is under working or under a preparation for working in Korea; or

an invention directly related to electronic transactions, for example, an electronic transaction method, electronic money or payment, and security or authentication of electronic transactions.
A person who desires an expedited examination of his/her/its application must submit a written request, together with a statement explaining the necessity thereof in detail and any evidence supporting the statement.